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Siberia Snus



Siberia is GN Tobacco’s answer to snus users who like their tobacco extremely powerful and refreshing. They’re known for making some of the strongest snus available on the market! Balanced with the perfect level of moisture, these portions are dry enough to minimize dripping and moist enough to pro-long the mint / spearmint release.

GN Tobacco — Siberia’s parent brand — has been active in the snus market for more than a decade. Having launched over 80 different varieties of products that reached a million users, it’s safe to say that GN knows a thing or two about manufacturing high-quality tobacco products.

The nicotine strength in Siberia portions is usually up to five times higher compared to other brands, making it one of the strongest snus products ever made. They do indeed, kick like a mule! It is approximately 43 mg of nicotine per gram in the White Dry version. The nicotine strength is equivalent to five portions of normal strong (8 mg of nicotine per gram) snus. Another factor is the minty, spicy taste.

As refreshing as the cold Siberian winds, this chewing tobacco offers a spicy mint flavour, a comfortable fit, and a lasting taste, all of which make it a top pick in the UK and worldwide.





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