Siberia 80ºc White Dry Slim

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Product Description 

Siberia 80ºC White Dry, better known as Siberia Slim, is one of the strongest chewing tobacco available on the market! Made by GN Tobacco, this product is the go-to for users all over the world who want something extremely powerful and refreshing.

The blend of strong mint balanced with the perfect level of moisture ensures that you get that intense kick and is bound to satisfy your nicotine cravings!

Sleek Design, Powerful Kick

The slim format of each pouch is expertly manufactured for discretion and will fit comfortably under your lip. Despite their small size, these pouches pack a formidable punch with a staggering 43 mg per gram! Because of this, it is recommended for frequent users of chewing tobacco. 

Unmatched Flavour

With each slim pouch, you're guaranteed a burst of crisp mint flavour that complements the extremely strong nicotine hit. Siberia Slim is not just a name; it's a promise of an icy sensation.

How Do I Consume This Product?

See our guide here to learn how to consume chew bags / nicotine pouches.


Brand – Siberia 
Nicotine Strength - Extremely Strong 
Flavour – Mint
Format - Slim 
Nicotine (mg) Per Gram - 43mg
Nicotine (mg) Per Pouch - 30.1
Manufacturer - GN Tobacco
Pouches Per Can - 20 White Bags

Content Per Can (Gram) 14
Weight Per Pouch (grams ) - 0.70


Tobacco, Water, Saline, Flavours, Humectant (E 1520), PH Adjuster (E 501) 

*By purchasing this product you confirm that you are going to use these as chew bags.