Siberia 80ºc White Dry X-Tremley Red

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Brand – Siberia 
Nicotine Strength (mg) - 43mg
Flavour – Mint / Spearmint 
Manufacturer - GN Tobacco
Weight – 13g
Contents - 17 White Bags Per Pot

Tobacco, Water, Saline, Flavours, Humectant (E 1520), PH Adjuster (E 501) 

Product Description 
Siberia 80ºc X-Tremley Red, better known as Siberia Red.
Made by GN Tobacco, they are known for making some of the strongest chewing tobacco available on the market! The go-to chewing tobacco for users all over the world who want something extremely powerful and refreshing.

Siberia is the powerful chewing tobacco blend providing a prolonged strong mint/spearmint release, balanced with the perfect level of moisture in their white dry bags, you are ensured to get that kick.

* By Purchasing this product you confirm that you are going to use these as Chew Bags. *